Which High-School Personality Do You Have?

This quiz includes 10 questions that will determine your high-school personality. Make sure to be honest, and take your time, and most importantly-HAVE FUN!

This quiz isn't true, it will just be based on your HONEST answers, and will calculate your personality. It is REALLY important you're honest, or the computer may calculate an invalid role.

Created by: Malik Adams
  1. What is your first period?
  2. What's your lunch choice?
  3. A bully comes to you, and hits you in the stomach. You...
  4. Mr.Gavin, the substitute, asks the class what 9+10 is. You answer...
  5. Your friends(3 people) are getting beat up. You...
  6. How bad is your grammar?
  7. Your older brother's friend, Rodrigo, picks you up in a Chevy Camaro with girls in the back. The front seat is taken, so you HAVE to get in the back. And your online test starts in 2 minutes. You..
  8. How many people are in your class? Now subtract that by the estimation of how many friends you have. You get the people who aren't your friend. Select the answer of your total people who aren't your friend.
  9. What does your name begin with?
  10. Last but not least, what are ABSOLUTELY NOT in real life?

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Quiz topic: Which High-School Personality do I Have?