Which Hetalia Character are you?

America: Sup my bros, dudes check it out!!! I prepared you mu dudes the best quiz thing ever!France: Tell us what you think about me, I mean it...England: You know that they hope your frog face is in it! nobody wants to be a frog!

America: Lets get this show started, prepare yourself, comment what you think about the quiz at the end. If you like it give me a thumbs up, if not comment the things that I did wrong.

Created by: OBI #23
  1. Are you into potatoes/tomatoes
  2. Do you Enjoy fireworks?
  3. Do you like fairytales?
  4. Which season?
  5. Are you into cartoons/anime?
  6. Color Combo
  7. Can we guess which character you are?
  8. Who do you like better?
  9. Which game ?
  10. Food

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Quiz topic: Which Hetalia Character am I?