Which Harry Potter house would your cat be in?

Ever wonder if your cat would belong in Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or any others? It can be hard to find your true cat's identity. So let's look at your cat in general.

In this quiz, I ask if you can give the honest answer for your cat to get the honest house. I you don't know the answer, think of the overall behavior of your cat, and mark the best answer.

Created by: Catlover
  1. How friendly is your cat?
  2. What does your cat do all day?
  3. What would describe your cat's behavior against dogs?
  4. Does your cat hunt?
  5. When you cry, does your cat...
  6. Your cat needs to move to a new location. When you get there...
  7. When you want to go outside, your cat...
  8. When you sit on the couch to watch TV, does your cat
  9. What color is your cat's eyes?
  10. Does your cat sleep with you at night?
  11. Is your cat....
  12. What house are you in?
  13. Does your cat like it when you come home from school/work?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter house would my cat be in?