Which Harry Potter character are you?

This is the Whitch Harry Potter character are you quiz.You can see whitch character you are. If the character you want to be is not an result then create your own quiz.

In this quiz you can see if you are Dumbledore dore or Tonks. The possible results are Harry Potter Hermione Granger Hagrid Ron Griffandor Tonks or Dumbledore.

Created by: Julie Blumberg

  1. Griffandor or Hufflepuff
  2. Hagrid or Hermione
  3. Harry or Ron
  4. Griffandor Tonks or Dumbledore
  5. Dark or light
  6. Cat or dog
  7. What you like most Note the thing you like most on the list
  8. Mean or nice sweet or sour
  9. Joke or learning
  10. River or forest

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter character am I?