Which guitarist are you?

I hope you guys took this test seriously not a joke and listen to what the ending results are. You guys should consider playing guitar if you dont because it is fun and if you hate schoolwork and dont do it play guitar to get boredism off your mind.

Are you a lead guitarist or rythm. Anyone is good just take the test seriously and follow the result advice at the end. Guitar is hard to play so that advice will help find your style and if you dont know a question dont do it i dont like when people mess around and put something they think is cool or funny.

Created by: yomoma

  1. Do you know anything about guitar?
  2. Do you play guitar?
  3. Do people say your good, pretty good, ok, or amazing at guitar.Dont lie either.
  4. Do you like playing effects, pure metal, random, soloes on guitar?
  5. Do you think your the best guitarist in the world or you know?
  6. Do you practice guitar everyday?
  7. How long do you practice?
  8. Do you play lefty or righty?
  9. What type of guitar music do you like?
  10. Do you wanna be famous and rich for the fame and money or for the music?
  11. How old were you when you recieved your first guitar?
  12. What is your favorite guitar brand?

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Quiz topic: Which guitarist am I?