Which Greek Goddess are you? (Both genders are allowed)

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Here you will find out what Greek goddess you are! Are Athena, Artemis, Demeter, Aphrodite, Amphitrite, Queen Hera, Hestia, or mabe even Eris? Personality are very accurate.

There will be comedy, love, questions, and of course answers. I’m sorry for spelling errors I’m to lazy to go back and redo them. I hope you like them (PICTURES ARE NOT MINE)

Created by: Liberty Christianity
  1. Sorry I spelled Athena wrong in the answer! Ember-Hi guys it’s me again and I brought 8 Greek goddesses to find out which one you are! Athena-*scoffs*more like kidnapped us. Eris-arguing are we *evil smile* Artemis-lets just get this over with Ember-okay I’ll ask first, what’s your favorite symbol?
  2. Athena-favorite weapon? Eris-such a classic Hestia-that was a great question *smiles* right Eris *dark glare* Eris-I geuss, the only good thing about weapons is Ember-Ok! Ok! We don’t need to go there, moving on! Eris-you’re no fun. Athena-favorite weapon
  3. Eris-ok I’m role-playing here. You’re not invited to a party and they are having the greatest day their lives how is your reaction. Artemis-don’t care Eris-I wasn’t asking you! Demeter-*about to come in for a big hug* Eris-don’t even think about Demeter-ok, ok don’t have to be so touchy. Eris-*rolls eyes* Answer now!
  4. Hestia-Your personality? Eris-I can start with a few words *evil grin* Ember-Nope! *attacks Eris* Eris-you’ll pay for this! Hestia-oh by the way Ember what goddess are you Ember-goddess of the Wind and speed Amphitrite-that explains a lot. Anyway answer?
  5. *Dingo comes out of nowhare* Dingo-Yes it is I The Mighty Dingo god of the animal packs! Bow before me! *cricket sound* aaawww it doesn’t even work Hestia-at least you tried *comforts him* Dingo-I like her Ember-*looks at Hestia* please take him! Hestia-I’m already married/engaged Dingo-I was kidding I would never desert you all alone. Ember-I think I would prefer that, *sigh* moving on, should he stay (Does not effect score)
  6. Artemis-okay it’s mine turn Eris-please something that doesn’t in involve nature. Artemis-fine Dingo-How about favorite rank in a pack? Eris-no Dingo-How about favorite weapon? Athena-already did that one Dingo-What about... Artemis-*points arrow at him* one more time I dare you Dingo-*silant* Eris-I like her what was your question? Artemis-what’s your favorite song
  7. Amphitrite-someone litters on the beach what do you do. Hestia-well...ummmm it’s urrh Dingo what would you do!? Dingo-I-I-I Eris! Eris-don’t care Amphitrite-*gasp* Ember-great look what you’ve done. Eris-*shrugs* so Hestia-why are you always so mean? Eris-I’m the goddess of discord I like starting fights and conflict. Hestia-you can change Eris-hmmmmmmm nah. Ember-anyway back to the question. Someone litters on the beach or anywhere what do you do.
  8. Demeter-ok hmmm let me think (3 hours later) Eris-ya Finnish! Demeter-no Eris-uurrhh look children/family are going to die before you figure out something! Demeter-ok, ok, ummm your child/family got kidnapped by Hades what do you do. Eris-How originally sounds familiar. Demeter-what would you do then hemp! Eris-they will never hear the end of my reign! Mwwhahaahaha! Dingo-man your scary Eris-*shrugs* it’s a gift. Ember-moving on!
  9. Aphrodite-who do you think deserved the golden apple of discord? Eris-nobody it was just a fun prank to start the Trojan war which later led to my revenge and my thirst of you know that kind of stuff. Ember-moving on Athena-she/he going to pick me Aphrodite-no me! *bickering for 2 hours* Aphrodite-well let’s ask the quiz taker Ember-*holding the urge to lunge at them* yes lets (Does not effect score)
  10. Ember-time to go so bye everyone good day/night/dawn etc. I wonder what you got! I’m Artemis! I will be making which Greek god are you for my next quiz. At last Dingo didn’t intrude on the closing quiz! *celebrates* Dingo-*appears out of nowhere* I’m here! Ember-I rest my case Dingo-It’s a time of new beginnings and relationships huh what ya say. Ember-*snorts* I’ll say yes when sharks fly. Bye everyone have a happy new year! (Does not effect score score)

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Quiz topic: Which Greek Goddess am I? (Both genders are allowed)