Which Gallagher Girl are you?

Are you a Gallagher girls lover? You obsess over the books, and always wonder, who would you be? A Gallagher girl, must be brave, confident, smart, strong and so much more, but which is your best quality?

Are you Cammie? Bex? Liz? Or Macey? This quiz is sure to help you find out. It takes your qualities and matches them up with the Gallagher girls we know and love, to see who you're most like.

Created by: Disneyforever
  1. How would you describe your style?
  2. One word to describe yourself?
  3. Favourite subject?
  4. If there was a cute boy looking at you in the street, you would...?
  5. The best type of test is...?
  6. What is your favourite piece of jewelry?
  7. Your go to drink?
  8. Favourite type of shoe?
  9. Your family is...?
  10. What you read most?
  11. Your go to tv show?
  12. What would you do for a girls day together?
  13. What is your hidden superpower?

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Quiz topic: Which Gallagher Girl am I?