Which Funk and Wagnalls are you?

Funk and Wagnalls are a group of exceptional people. Halo players. Movie watchers. Occupiers of space, specifically of Tile Hill, House 1.0 and Site A. Humans but also aliens, time travellers and espers.

This is quiz about Funk and Wagnalls. There are many members but only a hand full of originals, if the world was to be simplified leaving only this group which would you be?

Created by: Captain Doug
  1. Risk, Risk, Risk. Why are you not playing Risk?
  2. Domino's Pizza, how can I help?
  3. You need a new computer what do you do?
  4. The whole world is coming to an end... for some reason. What do you do?!
  5. A film that you really want to see is coming out at the cinema. What to do?
  6. What do you want to drink?
  7. What is the secret to Lost?
  8. Movie Time! What do we watch?
  9. Do you want anything from the shops?
  10. It is time to go.

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Quiz topic: Which Funk and Wagnalls am I?