Which Frozen Character Are You?

You have great ourage so rememver let it go and keep reaching your capabilities and do good in school or stay healthy and young. The cold never bothers you so neither should wotk

Are you smarter than me? Im sure you aren't I may be a 14 year old boy but I have seen this movie 11 times enough to memorize the lyrics and to know what there going to say when they say it

Created by: Adam

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  1. Who sings "Love is an Open Door"?
  2. Do you like warm hugs?
  3. Would you rather have true love or a true sister?
  4. In Fixer Upper who are the trolls talking about?
  5. In the song Do You Wanna Build A Snowman who does Anna say hanig in there to?
  6. What does Anna do at the end of the movie to Hanz
  7. What did Anna want to build in the beggining of the movie with Elsa?
  8. Which song is not in Frozen?
  9. Who is Olaf?
  10. Who are sisters?

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Quiz topic: Which Frozen Character am I?