Which Female Harry Potter Character are you?

This is for girls who love Harry Potter. This quiz is designed especially for you. Answer questions correctly and you will find your identity. Answer incorrectly, and you will get the wrong one.

Discover who you are most like from a selection of well-known girls in the Harry Potter series. You will discover who you are at the end. Happy playing!

Created by: Saoirse Norrie

  1. What is your favourite colour from the ones below?
  2. What is your favourite hobby?
  3. What Hogwarts house are you in?
  4. Which is your favourite Harry Potter character?
  5. Which is your favourite patronus?
  6. Which is your favourite wand wood?
  7. Which is your favourite wand core?
  8. What is your blood status?
  9. Which is your favourite room in Hogwarts?
  10. Which is your favourite teacher?

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Quiz topic: Which Female Harry Potter Character am I?