Which fanmade warrior cat are you?

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There are are two sections of the quiz. First part of a warrior cat oc's life, but you can't be that cat sadly. Then, we have a quiz if you're a Med. cat or warrior.

Bio: Name || Gender || Rank || Looks || Clan || Kin || The Possible Results are Streamleaf || Female || Med. cat || Not telling || Crystal || Not telling ; Pebblefire || male || Deputy || Not telling || Mist || Not telling ; Leafpaw || Female || Apprentice || Not telling || Forest || Mentor: Frostflight ; Flarekit || male || kit || Not telling || Solar || Not telling

Created by: Zoomi

  1. Rainpaw 1/3 :Let's say you've recarniated to an Apprentice called Rainpaw, Rainpaw saw a very handsome/pretty tom/she-cat. his/her name is Lilypaw{If your a tom}/Firepaw{If your a she-cat}. What do you think about him/her?
  2. Rainpaw: 2/3 Lilypaw/Firepaw had evolved/Ranked up to Lilysong/Fireblaze. what does Rainpaw say?
  3. Rainpaw 3/3: Lilysong/Fireblaze now spends lots of time with you, but later on, Lilysong/Fireblaze have mates Embertail/Wrenflower. how do you react?
  4. Med. cat or warrior quiz 1/3: what does Horsetail do?
  5. Med. cat or warrior quiz 2/3: Is Goldenrod a Golden fishing Rod or a plant?
  6. Med. cat or warrior quiz 3/3: What would you name a kit?
  7. I'm endning the quiz now! Enjoy!
  8. Just kidding!
  9. Would you rather:
  10. E n j o y e v e r y o n e a n d b y e ~ ~ ~!

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Quiz topic: Which fanmade warrior cat am I?