Which Fandom Do You Fit In Most?

Want to know which fandom you belong in? You can belong in many fandoms, but which one is the best one for you? The Hunger Games, Divergent, or Percy Jackson?

Are you in The Hunger Games fandom? The Divergent fandom? The Percy Jackson and the Olympians fandom? All three? Well take this quiz and find out which one you most fit into.

Created by: _iamdivergent__
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you do in your free time
  2. Your car breaks down! What do you do?
  3. What are you afraid of?
  4. What type of books do you like to read?
  5. Are you a-
  6. Celeb crush?
  7. Favorite book?
  8. Fictional character Crush?
  9. Favorite place to be?
  10. Weapon I prefer:

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Quiz topic: Which Fandom do I Fit In Most?