Which Fairy Talent are You?

There are many fairies hidden in the world, You may never see them. There are many talents, and I have studied all of them, they are amazing!

Are you a garden fairy? Light fairy? Tinker fairy? Fast Flyer? Animal fairy? Water fairy? Which one could you be??????

Created by: d7n8k37
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  1. Do you like to Build and fix things?
  2. Do you like to play with water?
  3. Do you light up your friends day if they are sad?
  4. Do you like to play with animals? Do you have lots of pets?
  5. Do you love to run?
  6. Do you love flowers? They way they light up the world?
  7. Do you like to show off your inventions, and use them?
  8. Do you like to watch water ripples?
  9. Do you like tanning?
  10. Do you have over.....
  11. do you buy flowers? Or grow them?

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Quiz topic: Which Fairy Talent am I?