Which Element are you?

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Have you ever wondered which of the 4 Elements you are? Water, Air, Fire, Earth...Fire and Water are opposites and Earth and Air are opposites. But which one... are YOU?

Take this quiz to see which Element your Personality matches with best. If you answer truthfully, your result will also be true! I hope you're happy with your result!I do NOT own any of the Images.

Created by: Sophie E. Foster

  1. What is your most common emotion:
  2. Favorite Color:
  3. What would you describe yourself as:
  4. Dream Pet:
  5. How would you describe your style:
  6. Favorite Food:
  7. Ideal place to live:
  8. Favorite Season:
  9. At which time of day do you most feel like yourself:
  10. Which Mythical creature speaks to you the Most:

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Quiz topic: Which Element am I?