Which Dream SMP member are you?

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The title tells you everything you need to know hehehaha loooool hi hey hello how are you i like minecraft and technoblade OH MY GOD I SHOULD HAVE ADDED TECHNOBLADE TO THE QUIZZZ

I have to add another paragraph so i can publish this quiz so let me tell you about my love for technoblade, he is a pretty awesome character and he is cool. ok bye.

Created by: Tubbo_

  1. you like da bee?
  2. What would you do if you saw a baby?
  3. "I like you"
  4. awooga
  5. Petition to let me add technoblade to the quiz because the quiz is being mean (does not effect quiz results)
  6. which weapon do you use in minecraft more?
  7. vlog gun?
  8. "you're cool"
  9. (CLOSE TO 10) are you subscribe to technoblade?
  10. Dream or techno?

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Quiz topic: Which Dream SMP member am I?