Which dragon tribe of Pyhrria are you?

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Hi everyone :). This is a quiz I’ve made so you can figure out which type of WOF dragon you are! The possible outcomes are Rainwing, icewing, nightwing, sandwing, skywing, mudwing and seawing.

Have you ever wondered if you were nightwing or Rainwing? Or etc.? Find out here in just a few minutes! This quiz is fun and short. In the outcome you will see what you are most like.

Created by: Ggcattt@333
  1. Describe yourself.
  2. White or black?(the shades, not racism)
  3. What’s your favourite colour out of these?
  4. Which potion would you keep to yourself?
  5. What is something you aren’t so good at?
  6. Which box would you open?
  7. How smart are you?
  8. How athletic are you?
  9. What would you wear?
  10. Four of your friends are throwing a party each. Which would you go to?
  11. What is the first thing you pack in your bag when leaving the house?
  12. What is your favourite superpower?
  13. What season is your favourite?
  14. What is your favourite food?
  15. Last question. What is one of your talents?

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Quiz topic: Which dragon tribe of Pyhrria am I?