Which dance moms girl are you?

If you are a huge dance moms fan (like me) you may be wondering which girl you are most like and why. Who are you out of the original seven and why.

Are you the favourite and a perfectionist like Maddie? Or are you the youngest who's waiting in the wings? Maybe you are a budding ballerina who is always known as second best like Chloe? Find out who and why in this quiz

Created by: Izzy
  1. What dance are you best at?
  2. What siblings do you have?
  3. Where would you rank yourself in terms of how good you are?
  4. Are you ever compared to the best in the class?
  5. What place do/would you normally get in competitions?
  6. Who are you friends with in your dance class?
  7. Do you get asked to do extra dance things?
  8. would you risk everything for dance?
  9. Would you say you are determined?
  10. What is your mum like at dance?

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Quiz topic: Which dance moms girl am I?