Which creature are you

Hey I got bored so I made this plus me and my friend have been doing a lot of quizzes so I decided I would make one..... it took way to long so you only get 6 questions

By the way did any of you get the name reference ( probably none of you my bad) but if you did the holy crap...and hi it’s “Lilly” I guess you could say?

Created by: Lilly yamada

  1. What do you think about fighting?
  2. You are out with your friends and you...
  3. You find a dangerous being locked up you..
  4. You get arrested
  5. Your weapon of choice is
  6. Which name do you like more
  7. What do you think about Christmas?
  8. Did you get the name reference
  9. You like to drink
  10. What one do you hope for

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Quiz topic: Which creature am I