Which Console Should you buy?

What video game console will appeal to you the most? The PS5 or PS4, an Xbox, or a Nintendo switch? Find out here which is good for you. (Anything is good by the way.)

All consoles on this list are from the newest consoles of late 2020. PlayStations can be great, Xbox can be great, and the Nintendo Switch is also amazing.

Created by: That Quiz Guy lol

  1. Do you want physical copies of games with your console?
  2. Do you want VR with the console?
  3. What is your budget for the console?
  4. What kind of graphics do you want?
  5. What kind of graphics does your TV have?
  6. Is this your first console?
  7. Are you good at adapting to controls?
  8. Is on the go gaming essential?
  9. Do you like small controllers?
  10. Last question, what age genre is this console for?

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Quiz topic: Which Console should I buy?