Which color best fits you most???

Have u ever wondered wat color u were the most? Which color fit your personality the best? Well, no more wondering now! U can tak PENESIA'S epic quiz and find out!

Take. This. Cool. Quiz! Find out which color-blue, green, red, orange, yellow, or purple- u are. Exciting, huh? Well take it and you'l get an amazing result.

Created by: Penesia
  1. First off; do u like the colors of the rainbow? ;-D
  2. Are you full of energy , calm n cool, shy and nervous, or outgoing?
  3. Making A's in school.
  4. What are u on the pretty/handsome scale of 1-10? (teehee....)
  5. Are you popular?
  6. Can you find a generous, helpful, understanding part of u?
  7. Do people find a side of u thats bossy and negative a lot of the time?
  8. Do u like school and seeing ur friends and talking to teachers?
  9. Which kind of guy/girl would u like BEST? :)
  10. Ur friends are....
  11. Are you stylish and love makeup and shopping?

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