Which character of SAMS (sun and moon show) are you

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All art is mine I’m sorry if the art isn’t that good please don’t copy my art in any way I don’t want people to try and copy good art and try to get famous my art isn’t that good

More characters in quizzes will be released idk when I know more characters but I’m only using my art and I haven’t drawn anything else yet I’m working on it but I hope you enjoy the quiz and the quizzes to come

Created by: I always come back
  1. What are your hobbies
  2. Let’s do a prompt question A kid in the daycare is making a lot of noise during nap time What do you do
  3. Do you think moon is bald
  4. A kid pushes some barrels into a mess what do you do
  5. You see eclipse about to kill earth, roxsanne, and solar Who do you save first
  6. Who is your favorite
  7. Who is your least favorite
  8. Who do you want to get
  9. You want to play a game with one of your friends but the game can only have two players in it who do you invite
  10. Now pick a fate

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Quiz topic: Which character of SAMS (sun and moon show) am I