Which Character Are you Most LIke in Hunger Games?

Some people like to know what character they are like in a series. Take this quiz to know who you're most like in the Hunger Games Series!

Is it Katniss? Peeta? Gale? Prim? Hurry up and just take the quiz. What are you waiting for! You don't need to read all this? Seriously? You're still reading this? Hurry up!

Created by: Clara

  1. Which weapon do you prefer?
  2. Which would you prefer?
  3. If you had to sleep with one of the following...which would it be?
  4. Which Drink Would You Want?
  5. What's your Favorite Color?
  6. Would You Ever Volunteer For the Games?
  7. Are you good at Fighting?
  8. Do You like the Hunger Games Series?
  9. Who Do You Want to Get?
  10. Do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Character am I Most LIke in Hunger Games?