Which Chaotic Clown Book character are you?

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I’m writing a book called: “Chaotic Clown Book” and I made this silly lil quiz to see which one of my characters you are !! Ask me for more info on the character you get to see if you relate to them! Also, all of my characters are original, and if appreciate it if you didn’t copy/steal/take huge inspo from them!!

Hehehehheh so so I love love it too but the fact they have a lot to do in this show makes it so hard for them and I can’t wait for them not being together for the next one I hope it happens for me to get a good relationship and a chance for me and my friends and I can, you know? (HELP THIS IS AUTOCORRECT BTW-)

Created by: Hehe
  1. Extrovert, or Introvert?
  2. Therapy?
  3. Fav color?
  4. What kind of therapy do you need
  5. Do you like plushies?
  6. How do you cope with things?
  7. Do you like parties?
  8. What type of friend are you in the group?
  9. Gay?
  10. Do you like talking?

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Quiz topic: Which Chaotic Clown Book character am I?