Which celeb are u like?

This is all about stars I chose to quiz you guys on. A star is a famous person if didn't know what it meant,but I'm sure you did.the people really fit in with the questions.ENJOY!

Are YOU a star? The task of being one is a lot of work.you would have to set up concerts,avoid poperatzi,and much more stuff. So If you want to be one I suggest you be very careful about it.

Created by: Morgan
  1. Do you like to sing?
  2. Stubborn or rule follower?
  3. Nice or mean?
  4. Boring or fun?
  5. Scary or preppy
  6. Funny or serious
  7. Tired or awake?
  8. Snobby or charity?
  9. Stylish or boyish?
  10. Beach or pool?

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