Which Car is Right For You?

So, I hope you liked your results! Maybe you'll drive away with the car of your dreams. If you hated the results you got, don't get the car! It's only a quiz.

So, be a mastermind, get yourself a nice big f250, or a camaro, or a dodge ram, whatever you like. Personally, though, I would go with a big black lifted f250 with huge tires.

Created by: Night Skye

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you want a car that can...
  2. Do you like driving fast?
  3. Which thing do you like for a car?
  4. Do you like older cars or newer cars?
  5. Do you want a big or small car?
  6. Would you rather have a car or a truck?
  7. Do you want a racing car?
  8. Do you have a big family?
  9. Do you want a car that will last a while?
  10. The quiz is done! Excited?

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