Which Canterwood Crest Girl Are You Most Like?

Canterwood Crest Academy has many students, but who are you most like? Will you be rude, caring or quiet? New girl with everything to prove or not so new who has already lost it all...

Take the quiz to find out: are you most like the famous Sasha Silver, or the snarky Heather Fox? Quiet one Callie or rude follower Julia? Take this quiz to find your true colors!

Created by: jasmine

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Center of attention or silent wallflowers?
  2. Tons of friends, lots of fakes, or a small posse who obey your every commmand?
  3. Favorite Color?
  4. If you had a horse you would name it...
  5. Snarky and mean, pretty and sweet, confident and driven, or a quiet follower?
  6. Worst case scenario at a new school:
  7. Your ideal boyfriend:
  8. First thought towards the pretty new girl:
  9. Horses: Adorable and Cute or new way to score points with hot rider guy...
  10. What's your status with lipgloss...
  11. If you saw someone in need, would you help?
  12. Your ideal guy name:

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Quiz topic: Which Canterwood Crest Girl am I Most Like?