Which Canterbury Pilgrim Are you?

So you think the Canterbury Tales are soooo old? Weren' they written in the stone age or something? HA They may apply more to your daily life than you think.

Do people tell you are vain? Is food just food or an obsession? Take this quiz and find out what all these questions mean. Which Canterbury Pilgrim will you be?

Created by: Trisha

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you attract the opposite sex?
  2. Do you enjoy hunting?
  3. Would your friends say you are compassionate?
  4. How are your language skills?
  5. Do you have a strong faith?
  6. Do you appreciate the arts?
  7. Do you like to think outside the box?
  8. Do you know your family history?
  9. Do you feel all eyes are on you when you walk into a room?
  10. Do you attend mass weekly or only when it's Mandatory? haha

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Quiz topic: Which Canterbury Pilgrim am I?