Which came first?

What came first, the wheel or fire? Sand or rock? Adam or Eve? Computers or television. Apple or Samsung or Blackberry? Most of those questions will be answered.

In this quiz we will be jugding your correct answers to see if you scored first place, any thing 76% and/or higher is considered being first place. Anything lower however, is considered second/last place...:(

Created by: 070085915

  1. GTQ or YouTube?
  2. Ice cream or the chocolate chip cookie?
  3. The car or the aeroplane?
  4. Adam or Eve?
  5. Computers or Television?
  6. The wheel or fire?
  7. Germs or Cockaroachs?
  8. Dark or light?
  9. Rock or sand?
  10. 070085915 or 02 06 10?

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