Which avengers character(MCU) are you?

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This quiz is just about six original avengers in Movies in MCU. so if you are not interested in this characters and you like characters like Scarlett witch, Falcon and...don't take this quiz but if you want to know what is waiting for you take this quiz. Good luck!

I'm appreciate I'm writing this. This is my first quiz I'm writing but I love marvel more than anything. So I have written many things about it so trust this quiz please!

Created by: Hirad
  1. What kind of person you are?
  2. Do you like technology?
  3. Which movie made you cry?
  4. Which weapon suits you better?
  5. What are you?
  6. Which Avengers movie did you like most?
  7. Have you got a child?
  8. Which character you prefer to be your partner?
  9. Marvel or dc?
  10. What is your most feeling?

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Quiz topic: Which avengers character(MCU) am I?