Which Animal Jam Rap Song Are You?

Hey there peeps, its lovefrombadlands, an welcome back to another one of my worthless quizzes! I was listening to bad animal jam raps, and then I made this quiz!

This quiz has 2 results, and each result tells you something about yourself along with the rap song. Both songs are funny, so I recommend you listen to them!

Created by: lovefrombadlands

  1. Would you like a kind of insulting shout-out in a famous Jammers video?
  2. Do you have free chat?
  3. Would you write a song about which Jammer you have a crush on?
  4. What YouTuber do you watch more?
  5. What do you do when you turn into a toucan?
  6. If you went to an AJs Got Talent roleplay, what would you do?
  7. Do you correct your songs or write them in one try?
  8. What would you rather have someone tell you?
  9. Would you give away your rares?
  10. Do you like Cupid Wings?
  11. If you wrote a song about famous Jammers, what would you say about them?
  12. Would you insult non members in a rap?

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Quiz topic: Which Animal Jam Rap Song am I?