Which animal do you turn into when your angry

Welcome to the animal lab just go into this machine and take a quiz then you'll see what animal you are but becareful it might overheat and you'll be multiple animals

Directions:You might not get the animal you want but it's the best we can give you and when you get out you'll be able to turn back to normal after you calm down

Created by: Brayden Brown

  1. If you wanted a super power which would it be
  2. Do you shapeshift or rip your clothes when transforming
  3. If you didn't have skin what would you have
  4. Would it hurt
  5. After you calm down where would you be after you turn back
  6. Where would you live
  7. What do you wear when turning into an animal for the first time
  8. What are doing with your life after your discovery
  9. Would there be a cure
  10. Ready for your tf

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Quiz topic: Which animal do I turn into when my angry