Which A.S.A.T.B.G.T Character Are You? Quiz

I just wanted to know what people fit the same personality of my own characters... I hope people are happy with the result ,and actually found a person who fits them

Do you want to know what kind of girl you are?? are you carefree? are you fun to be around? or you a s#*t starter?? it would be real fun to know how everybody would feel .

Created by: MQX
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When it comes down to free time, what do you do? be honest
  2. what do you do when a girl got a guy you want to be with??
  3. do you think that people who are mean is...
  4. how do you get over a bad day?
  5. are you?
  6. are you a..
  7. Major?
  8. weird question..what's your race??
  9. Are you cool to be around?
  10. What's your fashion?

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Quiz topic: Which A.S.A.T.B.G.T Character am I? Quiz