Which '7 Wonder Of The World' are you?

There are seven wonders in this world! They all are full with fascinating facts. They are designed beautifully and they have gotten specific features.

Hanging gardens of Babylon,Statue of Zeus and sun god, Taj mahal of India, Great wall of china, etc. Do you want to know which wonder are you from the seven wonders of world? Quiz is made for fun. No wrong conclusion, Please!

Created by: Gracious

  1. Where would you like to live as a wonder of world?
  2. Do you know what is Mistr?
  3. Where is Taj mahal?
  4. Who was Zeus?
  5. Who was Qin Shi Huangdi?
  6. How many pyramids are discovered in Egypt?
  7. Where is the famous mausoleum located in Asia minor?
  8. What is the name of the sun god whose statue is build in Rhodes, Greece? Apollo
  9. Where is the city of Rhodes located in Greece?
  10. Which wonder of world you don't want to be?

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Quiz topic: Which '7 Wonder Of The World' am I?