WHEN will you die?

Death is no funny thing to joke about! Seriously! I may be making a quiz about it, but you shouldn't! No just kidding. Wouldn't it be weird if I really said that?

This quiz just tells you when you will die. All you got to do is answer the questions. And of course, be honest about it! Its much better like that. Oh and remember this is entirely fictional.

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  1. First day of school! 1st grade. First assignment is to cut out your name tag. You:
  2. Your about to play outside with a couple of your friends when your mom says" Hey, careful and don't go to far!" You:
  3. 8th grade, and you are in home economics. the teacher tells you to cut the apple in half with the knife. You:
  4. your dad left the 6 barrel pistol out with a couple of bullets out. You:
  5. its time to go the dentist, your inside and the dentist left you there for a little bit. you see lots of shiny sharp tools. You:
  6. you make a homemade blowgun with sharp darts and precision aim. you finished, and you want to test it out. You:
  7. Howw'd u like this quiz?
  8. a robbers in your house. everyone tied up but you. He has a knife in his hand. you:
  9. theres some wierd acid on the table. You remember that you saw your neighbor using it to melt cement. You:
  10. Favorite color is right there... behind the closing knife wall. You
  11. Does your family history have a dangerous genetic backround?

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Quiz topic: WHEN will I die?