when travelling a horse :)

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A lot of people- horsey or not- say they know about travelling, but do they really? horse car is VERY important so don't get it wrong in RL! Travel in horse boxes occures often for many things- particularly shows too

In a few minutes you will be able to find out just how much you know about horse care when travelling XD See how good you are and if you aren't that great and expert at the quiz, learn and try again, no harm done!

Created by: Penelope Issit

  1. before entering the horsebox you must dress your horses properly. Two of the following options are included:
  2. Which of the following head gear is needed when travelling a horse inside the box?
  3. when leading the horse up the ramp do you...
  4. you have made it inside the box, now what do you do? ;)
  5. how often should you check in on your horse during a journey?
  6. you have now arrived at your destination, what should you do first?
  7. with your horse stood outside the horsebox what three steps happen?
  8. should a haynet be provided in the horse trailer?
  9. which two are real types of horse rug?
  10. when you get home and the horse is safely away and happy. what should you do apart from cleaning equipment that was on the horse itself?
  11. are you horsey in any way? :3

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