Whats your warrior name clan look and personality

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Hi there my name is Amelia this is my first quiz so sorry if it is not very good but I tried soooo anyway I love warriors and when I found out I could make this quiz I was so excited to get started

This quiz is a great way to find out what your name is and where you live and even what you look like in the world of warriors I worked hard on this quiz so I hope you like it

Created by: Cinderstar_lokigirl

  1. Hi my name is Amelia first off how much do you love warrior cats
  2. Ok the next few questions are in role play Your clan is in a battle and you are cornered what do you do
  3. You are chosen to go to the gathering while you are there the shadowclan leader accuses you of stealing prey what do you do
  4. You are walking through the forest and you smell windclan sent on a tree stump what do you do
  5. Ok that’s enough role playing pick your favorite warriors name
  6. Okay last question Did you like the quiz (don’t worry this won’t change your result)
  7. Just kidding I have a couple more questions Pick a name
  8. Pick a food
  9. Pick an emoji
  10. Let fate decide

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Quiz topic: Whats my warrior name clan look and personality