What would your quirk be? (Original Quirks!!)

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Created by: Moon
  2. Favorite Color? So original I know.
  3. Type? Quirk type not....something else...O-O
  4. Only the ___, master of all four elements can save us.
  5. Down here we're lonely. We'd love you to join us for___
  6. Minecraft or Brawlhalla? (I'm level 26 on Fait)
  7. Baby I'm praying on you tonight! Hunt you down eat you alive! Just like ___
  8. Yes or no?
  9. Happy spooky season! Guess my age.
  10. Over already. Sad right? Time for your quirk! P.S. This quiz was made by an 8th grade girl. >:)

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Quiz topic: What would my quirk be? (Original Quirks!!)