What Would You Be in the Redwall Universe?

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In the Redwall universe, created by Brian Jacques, there are many different positions held by the talking animals. Most of these are jobs in Redwall Abbey, such as the Abbot or Recorder.

There are also Badger Lords and Long Patrol Hares of Salamandastron, fighting beasts...and of course the Champion of Redwall Abbey. Which one of these positions do you think you would be best fit for?

Created by: Meself
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where would you prefer to live?
  2. There's going to be a feast at Redwall Abbey. You...
  3. Favorite of these species?
  4. You prefer to...
  5. How would you rate your temper?
  6. A naughty Dibbun (baby Redwaller) runs up and hits you with a pan. You...
  7. Your war cry?
  8. Would you join the army?
  9. Can you cook?
  10. You can often be found...
  11. In battle, you carry...
  12. You are walking in the woods when you see a vermin limp up and ask for help. He asks you to come with him. You...

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