what type of wife are you

have you wondered how you will be when your married or while your married well take this quiz and discover what the present or the future has to hold.

well take this quiz to discover the truth or if you dont agree than simple go back refresh and take the test again. make sure to give my quiz a big smiley face

Created by: layla landry

  1. you are allergic to seaweed but your husband wants to take you to a sushi bar for your b day even tho he knows your allergic to seaweed what do you say
  2. your kid is being bullied
  3. you find collection of barbie dolls in your husbands breif case what do you do
  4. your husband seems to spend alot of time with his so called bff who's female
  5. do you watch soap operas
  6. the following 5 questions do not affect grade
  7. do you watch anime
  8. 2+2=
  9. goat chees is
  10. i want to _________ my teddy bear

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Quiz topic: What type of wife am I