What type of magic do you have?

This quiz is designed so it can tell you what type of magic you would wield. (FYI, if you get Tempest, it can also mean Aeromancer, controller of air.)

There are many continued questions, those ones you do not need to answer both. Just keep that in mind. If you do not feel the answer matches who you are, then you can retake the quiz or take a different one.

Created by: Maddok Groneman
  1. I hope you like long quizzes because this should be one. We want most accurate information as possible.
  2. What would you use your power for?
  3. There is a store that you never noticed, you go in and find nine different podiums of magical objects. Which do you pick.
  4. Continuation of Question 3. Which would you pick?
  5. Suddenly, the floor disappears after you take the item. Where does it take you? (Continued.)
  6. Continued of question 5. Where does it take you.
  7. Another two parter, in this land you have to face your greatest weakness.
  8. Part two of question 7. What is your greatest weakness?
  9. Where is your dream vacation?
  10. What is your favorite color.
  11. What is your zodiac? (Continued)
  12. Continued of question 11. What is your zodiac?
  13. If you lived in the medieval times, what would your job be? Continued.
  14. Continuation of question 13: What would be your job?
  15. Pick a magic animal.
  16. Continuation of number 15: Pick a magic animal.
  17. Okay, good job, you have made it this far without giving up! Take a break and we will continue, okay?
  18. What time period would you rather be in?
  19. Which of these matches your personality best?
  20. Is the cup half empty or half full?
  21. Okay, good-bye!

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Quiz topic: What type of magic do I have?