what type of jedi are you?(revamped)

You may have tooken many quizes but do those quizes have ridiculus story lines this actually lets you play through an entire life letting you experince what your dealing with.

As said in the last paragraph this quiz has a story that includes both action(boooom!)comedy(hahaha)and parenthesis(()) this is your destiny young one

Created by: sith lord

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  1. You are a clone trooper in the clone army when you find out you are a jedi
  2. Everone you ask refuses and you are banished to kamino for recycling
  3. You crash land to encounter jango fett on the platform he pulls out his blasters
  4. you beat him then take his ship to tatooine to sell his body to jabba the hutt?
  5. Now that you're on tatooine you look for your long lost brother who you find to be kidnapped by bounty hunters
  6. you never find him but you find a sandcrawler
  7. after hard thinking you decide not to take it but you do take a speeder bike
  8. you crash into a imperial station(boy, these sagas go by fast)to be confronted by galen marek *vaders apprentice*
  9. You find pikachu roaming the area when he see's you he zap's*what happens*
  10. now you're dead

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Quiz topic: What type of jedi am I?(revamped)