What Type Of Emo Are You

My quiz is about different types of emo an emo Is some one who loves really dark colours and loves the punk rock music emo is short for emotional even there poem are EMOTIONAL.

The emo came from UK aka united kingdom cool f--- is it so hope you guys learn some thing new today or if you all ready know what emo is so have fun with this quiz bye.

Created by: faith
  1. What's your fav colour combination?
  2. What do other's think of you?
  3. Described your self in one word.
  4. Pick a song lyrics.
  5. Pick a band
  6. One more do you cut.
  7. Do you know what MCR stand for?
  8. What TV snow do you like?
  9. Fav YouTube channel.
  10. Friend getting bullied.

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Quiz topic: What Type Of Emo am I