What type of dancer are you?

Do you want to know what type of dancer you really are? This quiz gives you all the answers. So when you have just five minutes extra make sure to do this quiz.

Find out more about yourself, your friends and your family by getting them all to do this quiz that tells you if you should join a dance team or if you are destine to be a dancer and also for fun.

Created by: Ariana

  1. What is your personality.
  2. Do you like to dance freely or to a routine you must follow?
  3. What dance do you like doing?- sorry if your result is not what you want
  4. How much do you enjoy dance?
  5. Do you like to perform in front of people or do you like to keep your dance skills to yourself?
  6. Are you flexible?
  7. Are you on a dance team?
  8. Do you hangout with your team members outside of the studio?
  9. How much do you practice your dance a week? Including at home.
  10. Do you consider yourself good at dance.

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Quiz topic: What type of dancer am I?