What type of cat would you be?

Cats are fun to be around see which of these three breeds you would be if you were a cat! The first breed is a Maine Coon. Maine Coons are longhair and they have a signature M on their forehead.The second one is Savanah. Savanahs are very large wild cats. They are cool to be around! the last breed is a Birman. Birmans are really friendly and are great for families.

Do you want to know which one of these amazing cats you would be? Do you have the qualities for one of these breeds? Until now you could only wonder what cat you would be. But with this quiz, in less than 5 minutes you could know.

Created by: ilovecats

  1. What is your wardrobe mostly made up of?
  2. You're at a sleepover,do you stay up all night?
  3. What would your friends describe you as?
  4. Do you get in trouble for talking too much in school?
  5. At the amusement park do you go on all the crazy rides?
  6. Do you prefer going to a party or staying home with a good book?
  7. Do you like the indoors or outdoors better?
  8. Are you playful or do you just want to curl up and sleep?
  9. There is a new kid at school, what do you do?
  10. How much do you like to swim?

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