What type of canine are you

there are all kinds of canine wich are you this quiz wil tell you. are you a dog spoiled and sweet. a wolf strong and loyal. a coyote proud and cunning. or a fox sly and smart.

I will now ask you a few quick questions. I ope you enjoy this quiz. gender and age dont afect your result.......I still have to type............WHY!!!!!!!!

Created by: Christin
  1. whats your favourite food
  2. favourite thing to do.
  3. how many friends do you have?
  4. what social rank are or were you in school
  5. favourite music genre
  6. favourite mythical animal
  7. favourite pet
  8. favourite book
  9. favourite show
  10. favourite time of day

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Quiz topic: What type of canine am I