What type of animal are u?

Many people say that maybe ur a genius, or a superstar, but what truly are u? That is, of course in animal form.It tells if ur sporty like a dog, fast like a cheetah, friendly like a dolphin, a fashonista like a cat, and boring like a fish.

TAKE THIS QUIZ NOW!It's awsome, and it is interesting too. It tells u about ur personality, along with the animal u are.the Personality u get is most like the animal u get. If u get a good one, yay for the animal along with a little yay for u.

Created by: jolie
  1. What's ur age?
  2. What's ur gender?
  3. What's ur hair color
  4. What do u like do do in free time?
  5. What's ur favorite color?
  6. After schooling, wat job?
  7. Favorite college?
  8. Favorite Month?
  9. Wat fruit is better?
  10. Do u like this quiz?

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