What TUYU song are you? [J-pop]

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Hello, and welcome to my quiz! I hope that you will enjoy it. Here you will find out what TUYU song fits your personality. For those who don't know what TUYU is, they are a popular J-pop band.

And for those who don't know what J-pop is, it is Japanese popular music. Here I have listed 7 songs form TUYU, to get the best answers please answer honestly. Now let's start the quiz!

Created by: A music lover
  1. Pick a lyric you resonate with:
  2. Which of the following seem the least like you?
  3. What do you think of the following lyrics? "I'm alive in spite of it all I can't bring home any good results, but I am still alive"
  4. How about these lyrics? "Why don't I at least have fun right now? In the future I will be finished with this country"
  5. What is your option on this lyric? "I'm jealous of your talents but don't be stupid, it's such a nuisance"
  6. How do you feel about these lyrics? "If you find a hobby and master it Happiness is within reach Isn’t it wonderful? That’s why I can’t stop!"
  7. Your thoughts? "That must suck." "I get it." Don't act as if you understand! In the end, after a few years, I'll still be suffering"
  8. What's your opinion! "If it'll get people to like me I'll put on that fake, fake smiley face I just can't help myself I'm bad and crazy!"
  9. Your thoughts? "Everything is broken? Why am I in pain? Why does nobody listen?"
  10. Pick a description that suits you the most.

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