What Sublime Song Describes you?

Sublime is one of the best bands of the 90's and revolutionized ska-punk. Bradley Nowell has some great lyrics, which we can find some relation to, it is just too bad that bradley nowell died at age 28 with only three official albums under his belt

If you are a fan of sublime, and by fan i assume you know more than three songs that everyone knows, than lets see which song you can relate to! Are you a laid back, cool fella? Or a mellow surfer...or even a beer guzzler? Let's see!

Created by: sean
  1. A perfect day is...
  2. Your biggest problem is
  3. If you could drink anything right now it would be...
  4. Best Sublime Album?
  5. My dream house is...
  6. Opinions on smoking?
  7. What is your sexual fantasy?
  8. What is the best job?
  9. If I could go back in time I would...
  10. favorite sport?

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Quiz topic: What Sublime Song describes me?