What Star Wars species are you?

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This is the second quiz ffrom Ithorian. and well do whant to be a Twi'Lek or do you whant to be a Ortolan. Either way you will find out what speceis from Star Wars you are.

Do you like blue skin? Do you like Crocodiles? Do you think yolu ar eintelligent? These are just some of the questions yo will be asked. Now you will find out what you are in just a click away.

Created by: Ithorian

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How is you skin?
  2. Wich is better 2 heads or 1?
  3. Do yo like too eat?
  4. Do yo like too swim?
  5. Do you like the dark?
  6. Are you inteligent?
  7. What color do you whant you skin?
  8. Do you rather be...?
  9. Would you rather..? [choice's answers depend on comminality]
  10. Do you like...?

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Quiz topic: What Star Wars species am I?