what spoungebob character are you?

This quiz is for all spongebob squarepants fans. so if you like spongebob than this is the ultimate quiz for you. who do you think you are? ask yourself this question and the find out the answer.

what spongebob character are you? Sandy, Spongebob, patrick, plankton, squidward or mr krabs. do you want to find out? if you take this quiz then you will know for sure which spoungebob character.

Created by: Ebb

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you enjoy doing the most?
  2. Which laugh is like you?
  3. What colour is your favourite?
  4. Which word do you use the most?
  5. What food do you like the most?
  6. Why did you take this Quiz?
  7. spongebob?
  8. who is your favourite character?
  9. What question?
  10. What do you treasure the most?

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Quiz topic: What spoungebob character am I?